Baba Sus

This cute little establishment quickly gained popularity following the addition of a popular Hong Kong styled dish known as egg waffles to their menu in late January. What’s even more special is that Baba Sus is the only place in Melbourne currently where you can get these kinds of waffles. Unfortunately for me, I had not heard about egg waffles until after coming back from Hong Kong. So of course I have been eager on getting my hands on some ever since.

We made our way up to Glen Iris on a chilly Wednesday morning. I ordered a hot chocolate that came with this beary cute latte art and a marshmallow on the side. This makes me wonder if it’s an Australian (or even just a Melbournian) thing to serve their hot beverages with marshmallows. I didn’t see this happen in the States or anywhere else but then again, I am not much of a coffee drinker.

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Musubi Cafe Iyasume

Bacon & Egg Spam Musubi

Anyone who knows me well would know how much I eat and love Spam. My brother had a wide range of food allergies growing up and spam was one of the few foods that he could safely eat. From then on it pretty much became a staple in my household. We always have a good reserve of it back home that’s probably capable of lasting us for a good amount of time in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

So when heading to Hawaii, a place where Spam is a local favourite and is even served on their McDonald’s breakfast menu – I knew that I was right at home. I was especially excited when I had heard that the Hawaiians liked to serve spam in the special form of a musubi. Which is essentially grilled spam served on top of a block of rice and wrapped together with dried seaweed. And on Oahu, Musubi Cafe Iyasume was apparently the go-to place to get your fill of musubis.

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Aloha, Waikiki!

Pinching myself upon waking up to this view from the penthouse that we were staying at for the remainder of our visit. I honestly felt like I could’ve sat in bed all day and watched as the rest of the city went about their day.

View of Honolulu from our penthouse

We were fortunate enough to stay on Ala Moana Bvld. Which turned out to be within walking distance to hotspots like Ala Moana Shopping Centre, central Waikiki, and even Morimoto’s restaurant which was located just right down the road. But still far enough away to avoid the noise and crowds from the busy parts of Waikiki.

If you are only interested in spending time in Waikiki, you could easily get around just by walking or catching the city’s public transport system (imaginatively called The Bus) for $2.50 each way. But if you are wanting to go beyond the city and perhaps go diving with dolphins in the west, surf the massive waves in north shore, or even swim at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches on the windward side – definitely rent a car. It is so worth it.

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When I first came across a photo of YogurStory’s purple looking mess of a pancake, I knew that I had to have them when I was in Honolulu. No questions asked.

Somewhere in between not yet having a rental car and getting lost walking around in the heat for a good half hour, we missed out on having lunch at YogurStory on our first day. Fortunately we made it back here on time the next day for these fabulous ube pancakes and seared pork belly eggs benedict 😛

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Flying solo again

This recent trip to North America has been the second time that I have ever flown on my own to the other side of the world. With the first being my trip to Europe last year. Why go alone at all, you might ask?

Well. There was always someone out there who couldn’t go whenever I’d asked because of either time, money or conflicting interests. That was when I decided that it wasn’t worth it to just sit around and wait for others in order for you to start chasing your dreams. So instead, I decided to go see the world on my own. And thus begins the recount of my amazing few weeks abroad..

So despite not getting as much sleep as I would have hoped on the 10 hour red-eye from Melbourne to Honolulu – I did manage to make a new friend onboard, get through the first half dozen episodes of Daredevil, and even witnessed the sighting of my first ever shooting star up close against the pitch-black sky. Not a bad start, in my opinion.

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Hammer & Tong

When thinking of where to take an out-of-towner to eat at on their first visit to Melbourne, Hammer & Tong has always been at the top of my list. While I haven’t actually been back here for a while (deterred by the huge lines here on the weekends and peak hours), I was eagerly waiting for a good excuse to go back and try their newer dishes. So when a couple of friends were visiting from San Francisco a few weeks ago, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take them here.


We were seated almost immediately as we had arrived before the lunch rush on a Monday morning. I already had my eye on one particular dish on the menu: the salt and pepper french toast topped with a fried duck egg, chorizo smoked oreo crumbs, maple and a serving of salted caramel ice cream. WHAT EVEN H&T.

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Hello world!

It’s been a bit over a fortnight since I’ve arrived back home from an amazing five weeks spent in North America. Since then I’ve been adjusting to life back in the real world. This means going back to my studies, my job and of course brunching. I’ve also finally had time to sort through the photos from my trip. All 8,000 of them. Since I’ve been back, I’ve already lost count of the number of times that someone has asked me to list all of the places that I had visited, or asked what was the ultimate highlight of my trip, or what was the best meal that I had eaten. And most of the time I’m unable to give them a simple response because 1. there were usually more than one answer and 2. there is just too much to talk about in general!

The beautiful sunset on our flight from Honolulu to L.A. 💜

Therefore, it made more sense for me to write about my travel and food adventures in as much detail as I wanted to on a blog like this as opposed to boring my friends in person. Especially when a friend naively asks me how the food was in NYC and unsuspectingly gets lured into a 5-minute long story about how the food there has led me on this newfound quest for the perfect bagel in life 😅

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